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NeferAudio Custom Speaker Rings


Here at NeferAudio, we manufacture the most accurately sized speaker rings you can buy. We offer 35 different size rings to ensure you will get the tightest fit with the speaker that you are using.

Having your speakers fit your ring tighty is one of the most important aspects of building a great sounding box. Loose speakers in your ring will cause your subs to sound airy and they will not hit like you want them to.

Click Here for Ring Selector Guide

We feel this is so important, that every fiberglass kit we sell, will come with rings custom tailored to the size of your speakers. If you already have a project started, or are working on another type of custom design, you can purchase the speaker rings individually to meet your exact needs.

Use our custom ring selector to find the ring to fit your speaker. Enter the cutout size of the speaker you are using to find the correct custom ring. If you do not know the cutout dimensions, select a manufactuer and find your cutout size to enter into the ring finder.


Speaker Ring Selector Guide

Please enter the diameter of the Speaker cut-out diameter:(inches)(decimal)

inches (i.e. 9.125)

Please enter the diameter of the Speaker cut-out diameter:(inches)(fraction)

and / inches (i.e. 9 1/8)

Please enter the circumfrance of the Speaker cut-out:(inches)(fraction)***

and / inches( i.e. 28 1/2)

Manufactuer Specifications:

*** Find circumfrance of the speaker cutout by wrapping a string arround the basket of your speaker just below the mounting lip. Mark the string where the end of the string meets up with the string again arround the speaker. Straighten the string on a tape measure to find the lenght to the mark. This is the circumfrance of the speaker cut-out.




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